Are you a bereaved parent looking for support and friendship?

Bittersweet is a group where every member understands because they are
all living with the tragic loss of a child.

It is a safe place to share thoughts, feelings, photos and give or receive advice
from others that are walking the same path.

The majority of participation is via a private Facebook group but email and phone contacts are available.

There are also bi-monthly meetings for members to benefit from the more personalised touch this offers.
These are very informal and a wonderful opportunity to form an ongoing support network.

Bittersweet caters for every parent in need regardless of the age or cause of death of their precious child.
From stillborn to adult, accidents, medical conditions or suicide all are welcome to become a
part of our community.

If you would like to join or require more information please contact Lisa Bird via the below options:

Email -

Facebook -